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What Is Smart Home Automation And How Internet Of Things Enable It?

Have you ever wondered about developing a product that is a complete IoT-based home automation system? It can be due to the need to improve the safety of your home, or you are after a Jetsons-like lifestyle.

With the growing complexity introduced by networking systems, software, and hardware, it has become imperative to learn, understand, and use the right home automation technology as your smart home product.

At iTSC, we hope to focus on how to get started with IoT home automation environmental monitoring and assessment.

How to Get Started?

The first step towards building a truly smart home experience for your customers is to focus on the three significant parts of home automation, including hardware, software, and communication protocols.

Having the right technology enables the ability to create your IoT prototype and respond to technology.

Another important consideration is the firmware residing in your hardware to enable data transfer firmware OTA updates and perform other critical operations.

When it comes to building consumer expectations, home automation is considered to target a wide array of applications for new-age customers. Below are some of the areas where consumers can expect IoT-enabled home automation connectivity:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting control
  • Improved safety and security
  • Smart locks
  • Natural language-based voice assistants
  • AI-driven digital experiences

Once a dream, IoT home automation has been growing steadily to become a part of daily lives worldwide. This is not surprising as you consider the convenience of a smart home. Since IoT devices are interconnected, it has become easier to manage multiple operations easily.

Smart Homes and IoT Home Automation

Internet of Things is a term referred to as a system including all technologies that enable the connection of a device to the internet. Such systems depend on data collection to be used for environmental monitoring, controlling, and transferring information to other devices through the internet.

This enables specific actions to be automatically activated in case a particular situation arises. Nowadays, most smart home automation devices enable you to control them through an application or voice commands.

Have you imagined if you did not need to manually take action to activate a certain device in your home? Instead, a smart home takes certain actions automatically. This is where the future of IoT and home automation lies.


Nowadays, smart lighting is getting all the attention. They can be scheduled to turn on & off and even change their intensity. However, with IoT home automation in the future, the lights can respond to other actions you take. For instance, the lights in your home can respond to your home theatre. They can turn off whenever you start watching a movie.


Nowadays, you can control your home thermostat remotely through applications installed on your phones. In the near future, you may not need to do that. Your home thermostat will become able to identify whenever you are near your home. Then it will check the room and external temperature to set the right one that suits you.

At iTSC, we enable homeowners to use smart home technology applied to give them more freedom to lead a quality life. If you desire to enjoy the facilities of a smart home, please be sure to check with us to know how we can assist you in that.

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