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The Comprehensive Guide To Building Successful Apps For Your Small Business

When you decide to create a mobile application, you should take into account a lot of things. The point is that you should understand the application development process to estimate how long it will take. Careful planning is a must as you want to know when you will be able to launch the application on the market. Therefore, it is required to find an answer to “how long does it take to create an app”, before you hire an app development company in Texas.

After determining your needs and understanding the general mobile app development timeline, you may estimate the approximate timeframes for every step of the project. It depends on how well and long you plan and implement the overall process. Despite the fact that all apps are different, there are some keystones to consider in every case.

App Development Timeline and Process

Understanding the process of app development helps to estimate the approximate mobile app development timeline. It includes tightly-connected stages that every application goes through. Let us have a look at those stages.

Business Analysis

The team business analysis defines the requirements and arranges the app development process. Business analysts help distinguish the must-have features from nice-to-have ones, offer consultation, document everything about the future app, including the back-end architecture and wireframing of the main screens. This is done to ensure that the final solution will correspond to the business goals.

UX Design

UX design is usually based on dealing with screens, button positions, and more. UX design means organizing how everything will work and how all the parts of an app are related. A great UX design is always a balance between providing users what they need and initial business purposes. Besides, UX designers are responsible for the intuitive and simple navigation that everyone looks for.

UI Design

App designers conduct attractive designs like the overall visual stylistics, the color schema of the app, transitions, animations, and effects where clarity and efficiency are the priority. Since every part should feel unified and correspond to the application’s general look, they choose textures, colors, button shapes, font width, and more. A good UI designer will look for consistent and structural functionality across different OS using the advantages of both platforms.

Testing & Launching

Launching the mobile application on the market has to go through a series of tests, including manual and automated QA and gathering users’ feedback. Testing provides essential details that might not have been taken into consideration previously.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

Post-launching support & maintenance is an operation including supporting and careful application observation by the team to handle all unexpected behavior. This stage cannot be overlooked as long as you are interested in excellent users’ experience and establishing long-lasting relationships with them.

Quality takes time. All mobile applications are mandatory to provide excellent performance and user experience. Applications come in different shapes & sizes; therefore, it is impossible to give a certain answer to question like “how long does it take to build an app.” However, if you want to be sure about how long you will have to wait for an app to be completed, make sure that you consult a good app development team like iTSC.

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