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The advent of the pandemic brought in some changes that we prepared for, some that we never saw coming, and some that we didn’t even know could benefit us. It would be thoroughly inaccurate to say that remote-managed IT services were not a relatively common practice before the pandemic; however, they were more or less considered a privilege offered to certain individuals or teams in charge of specific projects, and only a few companies offered such a privilege. The pandemic managed to convert this privilege into a necessity. Now, most companies have the infrastructure to be able to allow their employees to operate remotely and function relatively smoothly.

Here are a Few of the Various Benefits of Remote-Managed IT Services:


The change of location from the office to your home opens up your entire work schedule. Essentially, with your teams working relatively remotely, their fixed work hours have likely become more flexible. Whether it be they starting earlier or finishing later, it helps them better balance their work-life with home life. Teams understand that a flexible, responsive service is critical. Therefore, although they don’t work around the clock, you can be assured that your company does not clock off at 4.30 pm. Instead, flexible service options are available that match your business hours.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

By working and operating remotely, services are built to enable remote working situations. This includes your company’s processes, workflows, and practices that are already designed to integrate with your respective remote teams. In addition, they can integrate with you to improve your IT systems and workflows so that they are optimised for remote work.

Enhanced Flexibility:

Flexibility is critical to ensuring your company’s remote workforce is able to manage their workload and day-to-day operations effectively. Your managed IT service provider is required to set you up in a way that maximises flexibility. They intimately understand the challenges and opportunities that remote work brings, ensuring that their systems are set up in such a way that expressly ensures your business can take advantage of these facilities. In addition, these managed IT services advise and offer guidance on the best software tools to improve the flexibility of your remote workforce. 

Facilitate Growth with a Long-Term Vision and Strategy:

These services provide effective strategic IT planning as part of their IT support, ensuring that you have room and capability to grow. This expressly ensures your business has the right tools, software, and devices available and ensures this situation continues for the long term.

Faster Response:

This means they these service providers already have the response mechanisms in place in case of emergencies. In a situation where proactive issue avoidance and maintenance are not possible, they are able to move into action immediately and assume access to your systems and devices to begin working on solving your problem immediately.

At iTSC, we are dedicated to providing excellent IT support, maintenance, and management. Our effective and efficient service, using remote monitoring and management technology, ensures that our customers enjoy an overall expressly lower cost of owning and supporting IT, while still enjoying predictable costs and avoiding unplanned expenses. Contact us now to book our services!!

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