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Most IT companies specialise in providing IT support to other corporations and entities simply because outsourcing that responsibility allows companies to acquire specialised IT assistance and increases their efficiency and productivity by at least 60%. IT Help desk support and its associated software is dedicated to helping your company answer inquiries for your customers or prospects.

Although support and customer-success teams typically use help desks, there are numerous opportunities for other customer-facing groups, such as product marketing or sales, to use this help desk as well. This means that not only do the features of help desk software include the ability of multiple users to write and receive emails from a single inbox, but it also has excellent reporting and automation functionality.

Why do you Need IT Helpdesk Software?

It is not a surprise that often, help desk solutions are lumped under the IT service management category. However, the strict definition of help desk software refers to certain specific processes of addressing customer issues, while IT service management includes support for an internal audience. Some CRM solutions can include a help desk function and vice-versa, whereas some help desk solutions may have CRM functionalities.

Businesses across various industries need to provide excellent support to keep their customers happy. In most companies alone, there is an increase in job listings for customer service reps as vendors. Therefore, it is clear that adopting such a solution is often a necessity.

Here is the Key Benefits of IT Help Desk Software: 

  • Managers can often assign rules to route different SLAs to their respective workflows. This means that each SLA type, from basic to premium, gets the appropriate customer service.
  • Building a knowledge base often involves repetitive customer questions, which can be organised into FAQs. Thus, by using page templates, you can build a knowledge base section and add it to your site.
  • The emphasis is focusing on important tasks. Therefore, managers can automate repetitive and routine tasks such as FAQs and administrative compliance so that agents can handle more critical tickets.
  • The express purpose is to resolve tickets with more accuracy. Agents can then route technical questions to the IT professional or to an in-house expert for an accurate response.
  • The express emphasis is on resolving tickets faster. It is one of the main advantages of help desk software. These agents resolve tickets faster and more accurately in collaboration with other agents, thus, routing to in-house experts or quickly accessing product specs. They can also categorise tickets by using priority or escalating them to higher-ups.
  • Agents can then set alerts to notify them about the day’s tickets. Therefore, managers can also set rules to auto-convert customer emails to tickets and then channel them through ticket management.
  • The key here is to resolve tickets consistently. These FAQs and unique issues are recorded, and the best practices are logged in as a reference for future incidents. The next time a similar query is received, an agent will expressly know exactly how to respond.

At iTSC, we are here to provide you with an exceptional IT support service in a cost-effective way. Technology provides you with tools; however, knowing how to get the most value out of those tools is definitely what will help you to ensure that your business thrives. We will ensure that the only thing you should be doing with your technology is utilising it to best serve your purpose, serve your customers, and grow your business. Contact us now to book our services!!


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