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Mobile changed the landscape of consumerism in a few years by becoming our favorite medium for reading the news, watching TV, communicating, shopping, socializing, making purchasing decisions, navigating, and whatnot!

Since mobile is a personal medium, it is the easiest place for businesses to make massive mistakes that will turn off a customer forever.

We are here to help you avoid making those mistakes when you take the first towards mobile app development in Texas. Here is what you should be looking out for:

Treating the Mobile Experience Like it is the Desktop

Too many mobile experiences are smaller versions of the brand’s desktop. It enables the exact same functionality and shrinks it down to the small screen. However, a mobile app is an entirely different vehicle for experiences. It should be treated differently for the new opportunities it offers.

A mobile customer will discard overwhelming designs that mimic desktop content page-for-page. It is pretty common to assume that a customer will input as much information on a mobile as they do on a desktop. However, input is much more time-consuming on mobile devices. So, it is essential to design with that in mind.

Beyond design, mobile offers uniquely powerful abilities. For instance, mobile apps have the benefit of being able to know where we are at any given time. It makes our lives much easier when we can tap a button, be located on a map, and then be shown all gas stations, restaurants, or bus stops near us.

Building an App Without a Strategy for Marketing It

By now, we have heard the enormous download numbers coming out of the app stores. However, that aggregate number does not mean your app will garner massive downloads by publishing it in the app store.

Even though your website landing page should not be an overwhelming advertisement for your mobile app, when your customers visit your site, they should know that there is an optimized mobile app available.

Clear Call-to-Action to Download the App

Spend time getting familiar with common mobile app discovery paths. Moreover, it is essential to encourage happy customers to post reviews. If you are not focused on getting your satisfied customers to leave reviews, you lose thousands of potential customers.

Ignoring your app’s Customer Base

Mobile’s true potential comes from its personal nature. When your business’s app is installed on a consumer’s device, they have you in their pocket all day. This calls for a perfect opportunity to listen to your customers and personally engage with them.

Many companies are investing in mobile apps but making it impossible to take the last step of connecting to the consumers. By creating two-way communication channels in your app, you can make every consumer feel special.

At iTSC, we are equipped to help businesses create unique mobile applications to help them grab customers’ attention. Do not hesitate to contact us if you think your business needs a mobile app to be developed.

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