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With ransomware attacks on the rise, cities all over the world facing lockdowns, there has been no better time to consider your company’s disaster recovery plan. However, if there is no disaster recovery plan in place, it is time to rethink.

If you have not set up a process for disaster recovery in the event of network and data downtime, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your disaster recovery plan as effective as it could be?
  • If there is a plan, will it be able to protect your business during an emergency?

This guide aims to suggest you a few things before you decide to invest in backup and recovery services.

Testing your Disaster Recovery Process

There are some serious negative consequences for businesses if they are not able to test their disaster recovery practices. It will put them in a position to experience a business outage with lost revenue. If you have set up a disaster recovery infrastructure that is not effective according to your recovery plan, you need the opportunity to discover this before a real disaster takes place.

Treating Different Corporate Information with Varying Levels of Urgency 

The most common reason IT teams restrain from implementing a disaster recovery plan is that they seem expensive. Indeed, most of these solutions might be costly. However, imagine a worst-case scenario. Your company has suffered an outage, and your staff had to work remotely temporarily. Would you be able to restore all the data, systems, and applications immediately to avoid a significant loss of revenue? Certainly not!

The proper backup and disaster recovery plan takes this into account. It offers multiple tiers of costs and services, letting you customize the levels of backup and recovery you need for your specific business issue.

Confusing data Backup with Disaster Recovery does not Pay off

IT teams often think that backing up the company’s data will help them protect their business from potential disasters. While backup is an essential aspect of the operational resiliency of a business, it is only a small part of an authentic disaster recovery plan.

iTSC’s effective disaster recovery solutions not only include backed-up digital assets but also:

  • The ability to restore access to your critical business data within the timeline
  • A plan to regain access to your business’s digital assets
  • Digital infrastructure monitoring to ensure you are notified whenever there is a potential threat

Are you interested in learning more about backup and data recovery services provided by iTSC, your one-stop digital service partner? We are the most trusted backup services provider and a leading developer of cloud-based solutions for businesses seeking the right disaster recovery plan. Be sure to contact us anytime you need!

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